Description & Features

Principles of Operation

Airpel Series OW dual basket filters are designed for the removal of  solids from liquid flows. Any solids larger than the selected filtration  media are retained within the filter basket (in to out filtration) and  can then be disposed of safely and in a controlled manner. The filter is  of cast construction and incorporates two chambers each containing a  high quality stainless steel cylindrical basket. In operation flow is  diverted from one chamber to the other without interruption by turning  the filter handle which rotates dual cylindrical cocks delivering the  fluid into the appropriate chamber. Offering a duty/standby arrangement,  the basket contained within the standby chamber can be removed, cleaned  and replaced ready for the next changeover making it ideal for use in  liquid handling installations that require continuous flow. 


All Airpel Series OW filters are of cast construction and house a high  quality stainless steel filtration basket in both chambers of the unit.  The design allows quick cleaning of one of the baskets while the other  basket is in use on the process line, hence reducing down time and  monitoring debris levels within the liquid flow. 

Materials of body and diverter cock are selected depending on the process fluids, in order to extend filter life. 


  •  20mm (3/4”) to 200mm (8”)
  • Flanged and Screwed connection options
  • Materials in Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Stainless Steel and Gunmetal
  • Drain plug
  • Quick release cover design for easy access
  • Filtration levels down to 10 micron