Description & Features

Principles of Operation

The Airpel Series self-cleaning filter (SCF)  blends modern technology  with simplicity to provide a versatile method of filtering your process  fluids. The filter can be set up for fully or semi-automated or manual  operation during which the liquid enters the body and flows through the  filter element from outside to in. Debris is collected on the outside of  the wedge wire or perforated element. Cleaning takes place without  interruption to flow by the rotation of the element against fixed  scraper blades. The debris accumulated during rotation is deposited into  the bottom of the filter body from where it can be periodically  discharged either manually or automatically via the drain port. Ideal  for processes that require continuous flow, the SCF range is also  suitable for use on unmanned sites and with hazardous process fluids. 


The Standard Pressure Range of self cleaning filters is comprised of a  cast filter head and stainless steel fabricated bowl. Suitable for  working pressures and temperatures of 13.8 barg and 260°C (dependent on  seal materials) respectively. Various levels of automation and element  design can be chosen to suit application and installation demands. 

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  • 20mm (3/4”) to 100mm (4”)
  • Flange and screwed connection options
  • Head materials in Cast Iron and Stainless Steel
  • Bowl material stainless steel
  • Filtration levels down to 25 micron
  • High quality 316 stainless steel wedge wire or perforated elements


  •  Heating Jackets
  • Manual, Electric & Pneumatic drive options
  • Manual, Motorized & Fully automated control options
  • Remote signalling
  • Wedge Wire and Perforated elements
  • Stainless Steel (std), Stainless Steel Hardened or Plastic blade options depending on process
  • Explosion proof (ATEX)